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The Uber App officially Bids Goodbye Today

Popular TNVs company and ride-sharing app Uber will be terminating operation of their app today (April 16) and they did so with an email to all their subscribers.

Here’s what they sent out to all their riders and subscribers:


I personally wish to thank Uber for being THAT ride app that’s the deal breaker when it’s surging with Grab. Sure they don’t have a 100% success rate because some riders have had unpleasant experiences (just ask Maria Ozawa) but most of the time, we’ve had a good experience.

Gotta love how most of their drivers are courteous and how these same drivers take care of their riders.Again, not all of the time, but most of the time, it feels first class.

Thanks Uber, maybe in an alternate reality, you’re CEOs and top brass don’t fuck up and you end up operating on a global scale.

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