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A Quiet Place Review

Here’s my A Quiet Place review which will April 11 and stars John Krasinski and Emily Blunt. Special thanks to SM Cinemas and Directors Club.

Emily Blunt and John Krasinski plays parents raising their kids in a post-apocalyptic world where most of the people have been eaten by a bunch of monsters who hunt their victims via sound. You make the slightest sound, a sudden shout and they’ll be over you like a hungry guy on a baconator.

The movie’s main push starts at Day 89 of the monster attacks and we silently meet the Abbott family who raids an abandoned grocery for supplies. We start to like them and then shit happens. With that complication in place we do another time jump and that’s where the brunt of the story of A Quiet Place takes place.

Left to right: Millicent Simmonds plays Regan Abbott and Noah Jupe plays Marcus Abbott in A QUIET PLACE, from Paramount Pictures.

I liked all the little nuances in this movie. Everything that can make a sound which will attract the monsters was thought of either in production, during the writing process or in the development. Things like putting sand on the road to avoid the crunching sounds or having dinner in lettuce leaves instead of plates makes the movie tense as hell.

A Quiet Place Review – Monsters Ball-sy

The monster designs were top-notch. These monsters eerily resemble the “Lickers” from Resident Evil to be honest. They built up the first full appearance nicely as the movie trudges along. Krasinsky and his production team took extra care to show just how fast these critters are. They’re not some hulking monsters as the marketing team for “A Quiet Place” kinda suggested. But rather, these are fast, dog-like creatures who hunts their prey with their ears rather than with their sight.

That’s the other thing about the monsters here in ‘Quiet Place’. They were written to be these mysterious, almost unbeatable beings that plague humanity and nearly hunts them down to extinction. But the story never tries to explain where they came from and how many they are. We simply know them as deadly and if they hear you, you die. That’s the neat thing about the film for me. One of the things worth noting really.

A Quiet Place Review – For Whom the Bell Tolls

One of the things I’m really excited to write about in this A Quiet Place review is how they blend suspense masterfully. We get it slowly but surely and then they present us with several intense situations as wella s questions. One would be, how do you give birth without the monsters hearing you and slaughtering everybody? How do you signal for help if these nasties get inside your farm?

There was one TENSE scene in the film involving a nail that not only explores the difficulties of living in these conditions but also showcase how good the cast is, particularly Emily Blunt playing Momma Abbott. Her demure frame evolves throughout the movie and she can certainly deliver on all the important scenes whether its a tender moment after giving birth where one of the better quotes can be found to that moment in the end where she becomes this grieving yet tough mother protecting her kids.

John Krasinski’s also awesome in this movie both as director and as leading man. He’s a dad thats scared and trying hard to make a good life despite the circumstance (something every dad can relate to) and he did that role convincingly.

Left to right: Emily Blunt plays Evelyn Abbott and and John Krasinski plays Lee Abbott in A QUIET PLACE from Paramount Pictures.

Silent Night

One of the best things about A Quiet Place is the fact that it entices the crowd to keep quiet as well. The screening we attended at the SM Cinema’s Directors Club S’Maison branch was eerily quiet all throughout the film. Sure in attendance were bloggers and media people but you can truly hear a pin drop at keypoint in the movie. If that’s not proof of how engrossing the film is for you then nothing will faze you; congratulations.



I loved this movie, I admit it will stress you out from time to time but its all good. I loved every suspense-filled second and even the slower parts of the movie made sense even if there’s barely any actual spoken dialogue in it. It’s a fresh take on the monster genre, horror genre and more.

Special thanks to UIP Philippines and SM Cinemas. A Quiet Place opens April 11.

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