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Street Fighter V Arcade Edition Gets Darkstalkers Skins for Juri, Menat and Urien

Its still months away from Halloween but Street Fighter V Arcade Edition gets on with the fun with new Darkstalkers skins for select characters.

The three characters that get a specific Darkstalkers skin include Menat, Urien and Juri.

Each of these Darkstalkers skins will cost gamers $3.99 and will be available starting April 3.

Khaibit Costume (Menat) – Darkstalkers fans may be wondering what a Khaibit is as it’s not the name of any playable character. If you guessed it draws inspiration from the mummy Anakaris, you’d be correct! The Khaibit first appeared in Darkstalkers 3 as Anakaris’ partner who can be seen in certain animations, especially during Pharaoh Decoration. Later, Khaibit became a secret character in Capcom Fighting Jam Midnight Bliss.

Lilith Costume (Juri) – A portion of energy that was split from Morrigan by Belial and sealed. After 300 years, the separated energy formed another consciousness called Lilith. Being a cheerful succubus, Lilith’s goal was to reunite with Morrigan in order to continue her existence.

Donovan Costume (Urien) – Donovan Baine is half-vampire and half-human. Following a horrific event, which caused his vampire side to take control and drink the blood of everyone in his village, he devoted himself to Buddhism. In the Darkstalkers series, he travels with a little girl called Anita, who wields mysterious supernatural powers.

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