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More Photos from the Sennheiser Sound Forum Launch

Sennheiser recently organized their new campaign called the Sennheiser Sound Forum which was first held at the Blackbird in Makati last March 20. Check out some of the stuff I gathered from the Sennheiser Sound Forum launch.

They did a wonderful forum for this event which not only shed light on the different audio products that Sennheiser has to offer but also gave attendees a deeper understanding of what they need and what they want in a headphone.

There were a few factoids thrown in for good measure too. Like did you know that records show that Michael Jackson and the Eagles were some of the albums that has been played a million times over around the world? Good trivia right there.

Another subject that you’ll get to know when you attend the Sennheiser Sound Forum are the points you need to consider when purchasing a new headphone. I didn’t really realize that you had all these things to consider when you buy a headphone. I usually just pick the cheapest one or the one that looks really awesome. But for the guys and gals at Sennheiser, its more than that. You need to consider where you’ll use the headphone, how you’ll be using it, where you’ll be using it and for how long.

I shit you not, the whole forum they launched, will shed some light on headphones. Doesn’t even have to be Sennheiser in general. But headphones as a whole.

Oh and one other thing, you’ll definitely get some good tips on how to take better care of your headphones plus how not to get ear infection from headphone usage.

Sennheiser Goes Gaming

Another “wow” moment attending this event was the showcase they had for the new gaming line. Yes, Sennheiser (the brand) has officially joined the gaming biz. During the event, they lined up five to seven headphones perfect for playing games (video games and not games with the heart). These headphones definitely complemented the sound design and musical scores for games whether it’s for the Playstation 4 or the PC.

You can read more about the Sennheiser Sound Forum HERE

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