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Was Nick Fury a Skrull All Along?

Captain Marvel is still in production right now but that did not stop the cast from sharing what it’s like in the set including Samuel L. Jackson plays Nick Fury again. But the photo he shared on Instagram is making people speculate about his true nature.

The actor’s Instagram post showed him in makeup with a crew pouring what looks like plaster on him.

Many fans speculate that he’s being groomed for scenes which would make him appear as a Skrull, the main enemies in Captain Marvel.

If that’s the case then could the Skrulls be behind most of the major events starting with the abduction of Tony Stark in Iron Man 1.

But this whole prosthetic session could also be just a good example of a scene. It could be that a Skrull encounter will throw off Carol Danvers by morphing into Nick Fury.

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