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Trending: Man Barges in Occupied Suite in Fab Resort in Pasay

Trending on social media is the story of this family that experienced a shock while doing their “staycation” at the fabulous Solaire Resort in Pasay City.

Facebook user Apple Matic shares this story about her awful stay in the hotel.

Today was the worst experience I ever had staying at any hotel anywhere in the world and I hope this serves as a cautionary tale to anyone who reads this and I hope you take your business elsewhere.

Hoping to have a staycation worth remembering, Me, my daughter and her ate Alisa opted to stay at a suite in the popular SOLAIRE RESORT AND CASINO, the day went on great their amenities were amazing to be fair but at night when we were resting and sleeping in our underwear almost, all of a sudden the door opens to a stammering chinese national, to our horror we were awakened to this stranger in our room saying and demanding to know why we were in his room according to him, front desk gave him the key to our room when clearly we were still checked in and the welcome screen in the room even mentioned my name. The man proceeded to lie in one of the beds demanding us to get out of his room, all the while one us managed to call the front desk and still no one was there to rectify the situation and they just gave us the BS that they were verifying it. Verfying their incompetence. This man just lie down in the bed where Alisa was also lying down, he told me to show my keycard but I said how can I get out of bed when Im not even wearing any shorts. I got my shorts and he just watched and even laughed at me while I was putting it on under our blanket. Finally, I managed to get the man out even before the solaire staff came. What a shame. Due to inconvenience we experienced the manager offered us a late check out til 6pm, but after that incident all of us in the room cant manage to go back to sleep due to the trauma that weve experienced.

I cant help but blame the management for their slow response on this matter. I have told them over the phone that we were all girls in the room but all they can say is that they were still verifying it. Wow!!

Check out the photos of the Chinese guy in question below.

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