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Michael Bay Could do LOBO if Warner Bros Scales Down on the Budget

Yesterday reports were coming in that Transformers director Michael Bay was interested in doing a LOBO movie for Warner Bros. Pictures.

Today it looks like the devil in the details have surfaced.

Not only are both parties speaking about the project, they haven’t had their people call each other. Pretty much they’re just dancing around waiting for the opportunity to grab the first move.

Bay for his part has reportedly stated that he would take on the movie about the Main Man if WB decides to lower the budget which is around $2million.

That in itself is surprising since thats around the same price it takes to make a Transformers movie, and Bay has already done 5.

Warner Bros. Executives could be swayed to do this too, considering the critical flop for “Batman v Superman” and 2018’s “Justice League”.

Let’s see how this would proceed. There’s no release date anyway for Lobo.

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