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The Masterminds Behind the X-Men’s Time Travel Misadventure Stand Revealed in X-MEN BLUE # 19

Big spoilers for X-Men Blue # 19 by Cullen Bunn and RB Silva featuring the reveal of who’s behind the X-Men’s time traveling shenanigans.

X-Men Blue # 19 was written by Cullen Bunn with art by RB Silva.

So the next time travel bop the Original Five X-Men plus Jimmy and Bloodstorm brings them to a familiar setting, the time when the X-Men just began their careers as superheroes and they fought Magneto.

There’s a big change in this setting and its the fact that these X-Men are murderers. In the encounter with Magneto, they managed to kill most of the members of the Brotherhood, namely Quicksilver.

Then we get to see Charles Xavier, Professor X emerge and confront Magneto. This gives the evil X-Men sometime to finally eliminate Magneto from this timeline as they shot a missile at the master of magnetism; something that can kill him. The logic here is that he’s not that powerful yet so a simple missile attack can severely injure him.


Its then revealed that this Xavier is actually an impostor. Worse, he and “Angel” drugged and strapped the real Charles Xavier in a locked out room of the mansion and has been using him to gain access to Cerebro.

Meanwhile, turns out Jean and the rest of the O5 team plus Magneto survived and have been ported out by Beast outside the timestream where they see various timelines related to the X-Men’s lives.

X-Men Blue Jean also offers a temporary alliance with Magneto so they could take down the renegade X-Men who are not who they seem.

Back in the “present”, the X-Men blue team materialize and confront Xavier and his team which results in a fight. X-Men Blue # 19 ends with a surprise reveal on the true identity of the renegade X-Men.

This looks like an interesting development, not to mention and interesting fight. I have to tip my hat to Cullen Bunn too for making this happen and writing the rogue X-Men team back into prominence. On the flipside, this has reignited my hatred for the All New X-Men book which introduced Professor X’s “kids” Charles the 2nd and Raze.

If you want to get clued in on who these guys are I recommend you get X-Men: Battle of the Atom

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