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Project X Aims to Show That Pinoys Know their Superheroes

For this generation, we’ve yet to get a mainstream superhero that crosses the various platforms of entertainment be it comics (or komiks) to movies. Well there’s a specific competition running around right now that aims to do that in the form of Project X.

Project X – The Search for the New Pinoy Superheroes is a competition that targets “the Pinoy aspiration to be better, turning their ideas into reality and into something seen and eXperienced. The team asks the question “can we really create a mainstream Pinoy superhero? Crazy as it sounds, they really think so.

Pretty much, this geeky competition aims to provide and unlock the Pinoy’s skills when it comes to making superheroes and showing them to the world. And I gotta tell you, this isn’t founded on sheer pipe dreams. We’ve got a lot of talented people who have contributed to the development of Western superheroes such as Whilce Portacio who worked on Marvel’s X-Men and later created the X-Man known as Bishop. The group responsible for Project X gives a lot of importance on Story and Character Development. They believe that this is what will make a successful mainstream superhero.

There’s also Steve Gan who created Star-Lord…

… as well as Panday



Another aspect that really made me interested in blogging about this competition is the collaboration aspect. You’ve got an idea but you don’t know how to write or draw, then you can collaborate and look for people who can do so. Split the earnings or something and come up with an entry for Project X.

That being said, the competition put a lot of energy into identifying, helping and marketing the would-be-winner of Project X. They will be (and I kid you not) giving the winner of the competition Php150,000. The 1st runner up will get 50,000 and the 2nd runner up will be bringing home 30,000.

The bigger story is that the winner gets to have an opportunity to go mainstream after the competition.

Honestly I think this is worth taking a shot at. The good news is that you still have time before the final submission dates and before Comic Con Asia 2018. So I suggest you go and start working on that superhero concept of yours. Deadline of submissions to them is March 14.

To learn more about Project X – the Search for the New Pinoy Superheroes visit their Facebook page HERE or visit the competition’s official website – http://www.pinoysuperheroes.com/

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