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Wonder Woman and the Justice League Fights Darkseid in Ortigas – Wonder Woman # 37

This week’s issue of Wonder Woman, Wonder Woman # 37, got a lot of positive buzz thanks to a fight between Wonder Woman and the Justice League and Darkseid.

wonder woman # 37 spoilers

Obviously there are a lot of spoilers here so…

In this issue, we pick up with Zeus getting powered up and ready to fight a teenage Darkseid, who was raised by his daughter Grail (we’ll get to that at some point). Jason, Wonder Woman’s brother has turned face once more after realizing that he betrayed the good guys. Old and New God beat each other up and at one point, Darkseid opens a boom tube to escape but Zeus catches up. Diana too uses the same boom tube and when she gets to the other end, she finds herself in Manila, Philippines. Ortigas to be exact.

Hey, there’s “Lodi Motors” and they landed right smack in the middle of EDSA too.

Jason catches up and states that he was stunned by Grail, who was nowhere in sight amidst the battle.

Darkseid and Odin continues to fight and we get to see the former lord of Apokolips win the fight. This pisses off Diana so much that she’s ready to throw down with the New God. But he backs out because of who’s behind Diana.

You honestly have to pick the recent issues of Wonder Woman. It’s so good. Wonder Woman # 37 was written by James Robinson with art by Stephen Segovia and Carlo Pagulayan! Go pick it up now!

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