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Doomsday Clock # 2 Connects Watchmen with Batman: The Killing Joke

Geoff Johns and Gary Frank continues to wow us with some sick storytelling in Doomsday Clock # 2 and not only that, they even manage to connect two of Alan Moore’s best stories in a few panels.

In this week’s issue of Doomsday Clock, we see Ozymandias and the new Rorschach travel to the DC Rebirth era DCU in a repurposed owlship, which originally belonged to Niteowl II.

When they materialize from their world to the DCU, they find themselves in a very familiar place –  an abandoned amusement park complete with a pink elephant, a domed tower and a very derelict ferris wheel in the background.

The Owlship crashes into the abandoned amusement part in Doomsday Clock # 2

Here’s a clue, this was the same place where the Joker used as a hideout after gunning down Barbara Gordon AKA Batgirl.

See that Ferris wheel they crashed into? It was there in Killing Joke as part of the background while Joker was dealing with the park’s owner (who died after getting infected with Joker venom).

Batman: the killing joke / Alan Moore/ Brian Bolland / DC Comics

To hammer the point that this was indeed the same place where Batman and Joker had their controversial showdown, there’s the pink elephant mini-ride at the third panel above and below’s what it looked like years ago (figuratively and literally).

DC Comics/ Alan Moore / Brian Bolland

That’s that for our spoilers post for Doomsday Clock # 2. Will be publishing my review later and do get the book from your favorite LCS.

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