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DC Multiverse Clayface Wave Package Shots

Here’s a quick look at the upcoming DC Multiverse Clayface wave of action figures from Mattel.

We got a look at the Pre-New 52 Universe Superman (yeah the one with the blue boots). In case you’re confused, this is the original Superman we know and love and it was revealed that he and his wife and son, Jonathan Kent survived the transformation of the New 52 Universe. He stepped up to assume the role of Superman when New 52 Superman died after facing the personification of his power and after exposure to massive amounts of Kryptonite to fight Vandal Savage. We still don’t know whether we’ll be seeing the Superman Reborn figure anytime soon. Maybe we’ll get something from DC Collectibles down the line?

We also have the debut of the CW version of Martian Manhunter from CW‘s Supergirl TV series.

Joining Superman for the DC Multiverse Clayface wave is his Justice League teammate Green Lantern Jessica Cruz

Over at Batman’s side of things, we have Two-Face with what seems to be Clayface’s torso.

Also since this is the DC Multiverse Clayface wave, it wouldn’t be cool if you don’t include Clayface’s teammate in Detective Comics, Batwoman.

Look for these figures when they come out in 2018.

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