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Barbi D Wonder Beki Review

Barbi D Wonder Beki review is now up. Starring Paolo Ballesteros, Kim Domingo, Joey DeLeon and Joey Marquez to name a few; from MZet and Octoarts Films.

Barbi D Wonder Beki Review – Trailer

First thing you need to know, Barbi D Wonder Beki is a “sequel” of sorts for Joey De Leon’s Run Barbie Run movie from the 80s (or was that 90s). If you don’t remember that movie, here’s something to jumpstart your memory…

Ballesteros plays Billy Bayagan, a closet security guard with issues with his family who gets framed for a crime he did not commit. To avoid prison, he goes on the lam and finds a new identity as “Barbi”. Pretty much the plot of De Leon’s original Barbi movie.

As Barbi, Ballesteros is a fun poke at drag queens and the backdoor politics they have. As Billy though, he has good comedic timing.

The cast is a good combination of Kapamilya and Kapuso stars with most coming from GMA like newcomers Bianca Umali and Miguel Tanfelix. I said good but I didn’t say it was a great mix. Still the veterans shine brightly here. Joey D. gets a lot of moments both touching and funny while Joey M. had several hits-or-misses comedy wise.

The plot’s oh so similar to the classic Barbi, with Joey D. even references that in an introduction to the drag character. Swear, add in a few modern touches and a god-awful, extended Wonder Woman rip-off based on that “No Man’s Land” scene which doesn’t really do anything, and we can define this as classic Barbi.

Did I mention Kim Domingo here? Did I mention that there’s also an extended scene where she flaunts whatever her mother gave her. But she still doesn’t know how to act. Sayang.

Speaking of poorly written, mediocre acting, I have to shred teeny bopper Bianca Umali who plays Barbi’s niece Miley in the movie. EVERY DAMN SCENE ANNOYED ME! Watching her deliver her lines felt like a bullet to the head. I need to smack the head of the writer who wrote her scenes. Walang teenager ang nag-end ng EVERY sentence with a “hashtag *insert context*”. Like I said, ang sarap tuloy nyang sakalin.

Forgettable villains who couldn’t even deliver good moments led by Roi Vinzon. Waste of effort.

I wanna say that i’m 50-50 on this whether this is for me or not. Followers and readers and personal friends know how much I love Pinoy comedies (as long as they don’t exclusively star Vice Ganda) and I adore the classics. So watching a rebooted/ remade for the younger generation Barbi was confusing at most.

I’d still say its tolerable. Watch it with low expectations and enjoy the thin amounts of actually funny moments.

Barbi D Wonder Beki Review – Score: 7

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