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#Blizzcon2017 – Blizzard Releases New Animated Shorts for Moira and Reinhardt

Fresh from Blizzcon 2017, we got two new videos from the massively popular FPS Overwatch. One video features Reinhardt and another featuring a new character called Moira.

Watch the Overwatch Moira Origins trailer below

I’ll take time to write a separate post for this new character plus additional details. Meanwhile we also have a new animated story for Reinhardt called “Honor and Glory”.

overwatch reinhardt honor and glory

This one was definitely the one that people should be talking about. We get to see Reinhardt’s past back when he had “magnificent hair” and was pretty much the brash and arrogant crusader. We see that pivotal moment when everything changed for him back when Overwatch was still fighting the mech nation. The action was fast and intense and that sad moment when Reinhardt revisits his past was a tear-jerker too.

Watch Overwatch’s “Honor and Glory”

Overwatch is STILL available for the Playstation 4 and PC.

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