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Monster Hunter World Now on Pre-Order from DataBlitz

Datablitz had recently announced that pre-orders are now open for Capcom’s Monster Hunter World for the Playstation 4. Monster Hunter World was one of the titles that floored the fans who attended this year’s E3. There are several versions of the game that’s been made available although I hear that they have closed off some of the preorders especially for the ginormous Collector’s Edition. And I can certainly see why. Just like the hype that surrounded Final Fantasy XV when preorders were announced, there’s something special about getting this type. As seen above, the beauty of pre-ordering Monster Hunter World even when its just the regular version, is that you still get a few freebies here and there. Pre-order bonus also has a nice MHW shirt and to be fair with Datablitz, they do give out good quality shirts.

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