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Here’s my Kingsman: The Golden Circle movie review. Opens September 20 from 20th Century Fox.

The movie picks up with Eggsy (Taron Egerton) moving on as the new Galahad after successfully saving the world in the first movie. Then the rest of Kingsman gets screwed and the surviving members Eggsy and Merlin (Mark Strong) follow leads to Statesman and eventually leads to a showdown with new villain, Poppy.

Good Shit

I have to admit that Matthew Vaughn delivers a solid movie with the right budget. Set pieces are huge and the drama was nice. The humor goes from intentionally corny to brilliant. He brings a lot of style and sensibility in his vision for the sequel to Kingsman: The Secret Service. If this is what we’re to expect for Man of Steel 2 then we are definitely on a good path.

Visuals and fight choreography was top and you’ll love these new things they’ve added to both the story ans the action sequences.  That car chase scene from the opening was uh-mazing. Plus they elevate the spy game to a whole new level in this flick.

Everything you loved about the first movie has also made an appearance in some way including Harry Hart played by Colin Firth. The whole “Manners Maketh Man” is also back and even Mr. Pickle makes a good cameo.

Speaking of Firth, while his characters been dumbed down, his performance in this movie will still inspire you to adopt the mantra “Manners Maketh Man”. He still has that suave, debonair flair that made him a great super spy. He now looks like Nick Fury but the dude has still got it.

Taron Egerton has grown up as an actor. He can now work on scenes and give audience neat moments that shows that he has a ton more potential.

I also snickered more than I should have when they introduced the Statesman squad

Kingsman: The Golden Circle movie review – the BAD trip

I hated a number of things in this movie. The way they ditched old characters from the first Kingsman movie to pave the way for the new characters.

Julianne Moore was disappointing as Poppy. I had high hopes with the casting, but for a global criminal she sure sounds and feels dumb. Chalk it up to bad writing but this crazy bitch has an identity crisis and I don’t mean based on the film’s narrative. Moore was phoning it in. At least Samuel Jackson’s Valentine had something unique and some quirks. This Poppy character? Dry as the Sahara desert.

Like all the other sequels Hollywood had churned out over the years, was it really necessary to rehash ideas, scenes and dialogues? Kingsman: The Golden Circle seems to follow that formula.

Channing Tatum was here for like 10 minutes or so. All that posturing and bravado and only a short action sequence to speak of. Kind of a bummer.

I Hate Drugs

Yes, if you read the newspapers or watch television, you know that the Duterte administration has an ongoing war on drugs. Coincidentally, as of this Kingsman: The Golden Circle movie review, I just had to lasso the fact that they have an incendiary subplot about war on drugs. While I love me some political agendas in films, Kingsman seemed inappropriate.

But boy was that fun. I was silently whispering “oh no you did not just go there” and the other audience members had clapped towards the end when this plot was resolved.

Was that necessary though? Really wanted to ask that.

Sorry Seems to be Hardest Word

I also want to comment that Sir Elton John’s appearance here was too much. Felt like he was that fun and gay uncle who drops by and doesn’t really contribute much. A few laughs here and there but overstayed his welcome. Those precious few minutes could have been used to develop the plot further. I dunno, maybe I’m not the target audience for those segments in the film.

Music Makes a (Kings)Man

The song choices here are nice, but I expected more from Matthew Vaughn and company. Not only that, these songs were too far and few in between. I still give my hat tip to GotG volume 2’s tear jerky moment where they played Cat Steven’s Father and Son.

I was expecting something that can match or even surpass the Church Scene but no dice.

Kingsman: The Golden Circle – 🌟🌟🌟 🌟🌟🌟 🌟

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