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Horizon Zero Dawn Funko Pops Brings YoU a Beautiful Post-Apocalypse

Sony Interactive Games’ Horizon Zero Dawn Funko pops are coming out really soon and you better be ready for the initial lineup they are offering.

Horizon zero dawn funko aloy

First and foremost, we have Horizon Zero Dawn’s protagonist Aloy. The former Nora outcast turned seeker has been tasked to solve a recent attack on her village and at the same time find out who she really is and what her purpose is in this new world.

Next we have the captain of the Vanguard, Erend.

Horizon zero dawn funko erend

He gets thrust into this position after the death of his sister Ersa. We meet Erend in-game in the Proving section of the game.

We also have the Eclipse cultist in this wave of Horizon Zero Dawn funko pops.

Eclipse cultist

Lastly, we get the Watcher mechs. These are one of the first animals that we encounter in the game and one of the easiest to slay.

Take note that there will be two versions of the Watcher from Horizon Zero Dawn funko pops wave. The regular one will feature the calm blue color and the BestBuy version will come in the alert-yellow color scheme.

While I love the offering here for the Horizon Zero Dawn Funko pop figures, I was really hoping they could have done a supersized Thunderjaw, a T-Rex type mech also seen in the game.

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