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D23 – Wounded Thor hits the Milano and More Avengers Infinity War

D23 is happening today and they are already showing lucky fans a teaser for Avengers Infinity War includingna scene which connects the Guardians of the Galaxy and Thor.

According to attendees live tweeting D23, Thor actually hits the Milano is space. Which was the reason why the Guardians finally reach Earth ever since they were formed. He also wakes up and asks the Guardians ‘Who the hell are you’. The scene then proceeds to show planetary devastation seen by both the Guardians and Thor.

Im getting bits and pieces so far for Infinity War. Its being hyped as based on Jonathan Hickman’s Infinity.

There are a few people on Twitter reporting that they saw Iron Man’s Hulkbuster armor making a return for the third Avengers movie.

There’s also a scene featuring Thanos vs the Avengers and its not looking good for the team.

We’ll also see Black Panther together with Winter Soldier and Wakandan army getting ready for war.

We are getting a ton of new scenes for Peter Parker. One is where we get to see his hair standing up inside the school bus. Which may be our first official look at Spider-Man with his spider-sense.

Viewers also saw Tom Holland’s Peter Parker wearing THE suit from Homecoming.

Fans in attendance also got to see awesone tidbits like Captain America with a beard and a darker uniform. This may be a throwback to the Commamder Rogers uniform from Winter Soldier.

Thanos rolls into battle with a big ship, Loki hands over the Tesseract to Thanos (or at least it looked like Thanos to some). Thanos calls in fiery meteors from the sky after flexing his Infinity Gauntlet.

According to the description Doctor Strange plays a heavy role here as he does the following:

  • Battles Thanos and counters the meteors
  • Teams up with Star-Lord; providing a way for him to jump.
  • Teams up with Iron Man

The final scene that was described was Thanos beating the Avengers and crushing Thor’s head! Whether he actually pulls through with killing the Asgardian or not, we have to wait for the movie’s release next year.

This is definitely going to be an EPIC movie!

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