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Mister Miracle Ongoing Announced with Tom King and Mitch Gerads

Mister Miracle escapes obscurity once more as he breaks free with his own ongoing series with writer Tom King and artist Mitch Gerads.

Mister Miracle # 1 even has a nifty variant cover which focuses on Scott’s insane ability to get out of being trapped.

Mister Miracle is a 12-issue maxiseries which will be released August 2017 and marks the next big team-up between King and Gerads after their successful work in “The Sheriff of Babylon”. The two have also worked together in an issue or two of King’s current run on Batman under the DC Rebirth banner.

“You make up things, and you say things and biographers or autobiographers write about them,”
King said to Paste. “The real hidden secrets and the real hidden battles—that’s the story that you don’t want told. You don’t want that exposed. That’s what we’re doing for Mister Miracle. He’s confronting that part of him that doesn’t want to be told.”

As for what’s in store for King’s story, he promises that this will feature themes of perseverance and anxiety, especially in the modern society.

I wanted to write about the Trump era, but I didn’t want to write, ‘Fascism sucks’ or ‘Trump sucks.’ That doesn’t get you anywhere. You’re taking your Twitter feed and putting it in panels. What I wanted to do is capture the emotion of the period, and the anxiety, the way Alan Moore captured the anxiety of the ‘80s or Kirby captured the anxiety of the ‘70s or even Lee captured the optimism of the ‘60s; to capture the feeling, more than the politics. That’s what interests me. That’s how you make something that’s just not a polemic. After page four, the whole thing goes into a 9-panel grid, and it’s to give you a sense of that claustrophobia. To give you a sense of what it is to be trapped, not only in the themes and the words, but in the actual panel structure. He’s trapped behind those bars we had in Omega Men, and how does he break out?

Mister Miracle # 1 Preview

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