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Spider-Man: Homecoming’s Shocker Finally Gets his Costume

Yesterday, I was ranting that the Shocker they added in the Spider-Man:Homecoming minimates had no costume and only featured the classic gauntlet. Now imagine my surprise when Comicbook.com released some photos from the set of the new Spider-Man film under the MCU with the Shocker in his costume.

The Shocker aka Herman Schultz in the film is played by Bokeem Woodbine. The Fargo star is rumored to have at least several scenes in the film and will have not one, but two battlesuits in the film. The one we’re looking at is rumored to be battlesuit # 1.

Bokeem Woodbine in Costume as The Shocker

I’m good with the translation from comic book to big screen. I only hope that they actually do justice to the villain and not turn this into Paul Giamatti from Amazing Spider-Man 2 who came off as a loser with very little dignity and zero credibility as a bad guy.

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