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LOOK: Vision and Scarlet Witch Kissing on Set of Avengers Infinity War

One scene that was recently shot from the set of Avengers Infinity War was a smooching scene involving Scarlet Witch (Elizabeth Olsen) and Paul Bettany (Vision).

You can check those stills below as the image above was from a classic issue of Avengers and featuring the comic book counterparts of these two Avengers.

Two interesting things here. One is how we’re seeing a “human” Vision in these stills. Was there something done to Vizh in the film? Considering that we last saw Vision at the end of Captain America: Civil War a bit broken hearted and down with him being one of the reasons why War Machine was taken out of commission. We don’t have confirmation though if he’s still with Tony’s team as we saw the New Avengers compound quiet and with zero personnel.

Secondly, what happened to the Mind Stone?

At this point in the movie has Thanos appeared on Earth and ripped out the mind stone or did Tony Stark mess around with his tech and develop a way for Vizh to seem human.

There has been some romantic tensions between the two ever since they met in Avengers: Age of Ultron and has been developed all throughout Captain America: Civil War. However, the rift between Cap and Tony also had to halt the blossoming romance. The third Avengers movie however might show promise for this unlikely lovers if only we were given more context. Still comic book source has already given us enough things to work around.

Source: EOnline

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