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Japanese Release of Rogue One Blu-Ray to Include SH Figuarts Death Trooper Specialist

A must have for Star Wars fans is the exclusive SH Figuarts Death Trooper Specialist which can be obtained in Japan.

The Rogue One blu-ray boxset will include the SH Figuart Death Trooper Specialist, eight mini posters, a digital copy of Rogue One, a physical blu-ray disc of Gareth Edward’s Rogue One and a DVD copy as well.

Its pegged $115 and will be released April 28th in Japan…

Now lets take another look at the SH Figuarts Death Trooper Specialist from Tamashii.

Gee wiz, they sure packed in a lot of accessories for the figure. I might miss the release for this so I’m hoping they do a regular release for the Death Trooper Specialist down the line. 


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