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Toy Fair 2017: Generations Trypticon

The Decepticons are expected to kick ass this year again and to help them win the great war with the autobots, Hasbro has revealed the biggest Decepticon of them all, the Hasbro Transformers Generations Trypticon!

Now, I’ve heard of this and saw several prototype shots but never the full figure. Thanks to IGN, we do have a nicer look at the baddest of the bad amongst the Decepticons, Generations Trypticon.


Trypticon will be scheduled for release around fall in the US and has a price tag of $149.99. It has three modes including the classic Dinosaur form which often sparred with Metroplex…

The spaceship form…

and the city form.

City Form Trypticon can be the central figure for the Titans Return leader class line and fans can create “Nemesis Command”. Dino form Trypticon can also “eat” smaller Titan Master figures which can be pulled out from its belly.

Oh and Trypticon will also have the Titan Master decepticon figure of the character Necro.

Trypticon is now officially the largest Decepticon ever made, as well as the biggest figure in the Titans Return 2017 line. He was selected by fans to be the next figure in the Generations Titans Return line.

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