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Lady Gaga Channels the X-Men’s Dazzler for Superbowl

I got to hand it to B-Tan for pointing out the insane similarities between Lady Gaga and the X-Men’s popstar and musician Dazzler. Check it out.

We’re having so much fun at these Superbowl photos.

She did a wonderful number during halftime and I am happy to report that there was no wardrobe malfunction this year. Because yes, Superbowl has a curse for nipslips like that.

Dazzler aka Alison Blaire is the mutant with the power to transform sound into energy. She’s also one of the most underrated mutants actively working with the X-Men (until the events of Secret Wars where she joined the A-Force well until after Secret Wars).

She’s also powerful enough to actually incapacitate the likes of Inhuman king Black Bolt.

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  1. John Armstrong says:

    that Black Bolt clip would make a bitchin’ poster.

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