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Marvel Teams up with Square Enix for The Avengers Project

Marvel and Square Enix was playing coy with their announcement yesterday but we finally know what they were talking about, its a new game called The Avengers Project.

Watch the teaser below:

So far we still really don’t know what The Avengers Project spans, how many games it will be releasing or if its going to follow the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s approach of storytelling. What we do know is that it’s going to really REASSEMBLE.

So what could have happened here? Who among the Avengers’ rogues gallery could have finally maanged to disassemble the Avengers which would why they need to #Reassemble at the start of the game?

I’m betting it could either be Kang the Conqueror or even Ultron.

Anyway, we still don’t have a clue who the baddie is or how the game would even pan out. But the most important thing here is that we HAVE A FRICKING AVENGERS GAME DONE BY SQUARE ENIX NO LESS.

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