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Bandai Namco Unveils Tekken 7 Release Date for Consoles

What fuels your ambition? Is it Rage or Sorrow?

After the arcade release last 2015 that yours truly believed was just a big beta testing for the game, Tekken 7 is now slated for a worldwide console release this 2nd of June. Powered by Unreal Engine 4, we saw what the game is basically capable of. Also, with the so-called climax of the healthy Father and Son relationship between Kazuya and Heihachi, we all wonder if Bandai-Namco is really planning on closing this massive franchise with a bang very soon. Who knows, right?

The full release for consoles would include Tekken 7: Fated Retribution content and a whopping 30+ character roster, you can get to relive old fights such as Kuma vs Panda. Did we forget to mention that Akuma would still be part of this massive brawl? He’ll be playing a huge part in Heihachi’s story line that Gouki might be the Mishima’s therapist.

Get ready for the next battle and warm up those Hori sticks as the Collector’s edition will be released on June 2, 2017 on the PS4, Xbox one and the PC.


The Tekken 7 release date is just the tip of the iceberg for FGC as we finally have a comprehensive idea of what’s been ported over from the arcade version and what was ditched along the way.

“We were trying our best to get the game out at that time, to get it into the hands of users as early as possible,” project leader Katsuhiro Harada told GameSpot during a press event in Tokyo last week. “We saw some titles–some from our own company and some from others–which didn’t have a very good launch because of a lack of content, or whatever it was, that caused players to bash the product.” Harada and team wanted to avoid a similar fate, deciding to continue forward with its original content plan, “even if that meant the game would come a little later.”

Rage System and Rage Art

Two new gameplay mechanics have been added to Tekken 7 to spice things up. With the Rage System fighters get to deal more damage and gain access to more moves. But that only happens when the life bar gets dangerously low. That’s the Rage System. Rage art on the other hand is a super powerful armored attack that allows you to absorb hits and power through an enemy assault that can turn the tide of the match in the blink of an eye. The Rage Art provides players an easy comeback mechanic when they are far behind in any given match.


Street Fighter’s very own demon Akuma will also be joining Tekken 7 complete with his Shoto-style moves. Akuma will be the only character in the game that can use the EX Meter (a direct port from Street Fighter) which allows him to execute both EX and super moves.


  • The Tekken 7 Collector’s Edition (available for PlayStation 4 & Xbox One); collectors and hardcore Tekken fans will be pleased to learn that there will be a Tekken 7 Collector’s Edition containing a spectacular statue measuring approximately 12” tall by 18” wide that features a dynamic pose with Kazuya fly kicking Heihachi in mid-air, a special Steel Book, and the official Tekken 7 soundtrack.
  • A Tekken 7 Season Pass (available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Steam) will grant players access to three content packs aimed to extend the Tekken 7 experience and will include new playable characters, new stages, a new game mode, costume packs, and a bonus 35-piece Metallic Costume Pack. *Each DLC pack contained within the Tekken 7 Season Pass may also be purchased separately.
  • Tekken 7 Pre-order Bonus (available today for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Steam) will feature DLC access to Eliza, the famed vampire character that made her Tekken debut in Tekken Revolution. Xbox One players will be treated to an added bonus of receiving a free copy of Tekken 6 that takes advantage of the backwards compatible capabilities of the Xbox One platform.
  • A special Digital Xbox One Pre-order Pack (available on the Xbox Store beginning on January 31, 2017) will include DLC access to Eliza and a free copy of Tekken 6 that takes advantage of the backwards compatible capabilities of the Xbox One platform.
  • The Tekken 7 Digital Deluxe Edition (available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Steam) will include Tekken 7 and the Season Pass.
  • Lastly, the PlayStation 4 version of Tekken 7 will contain exclusive content: legacy costumes from Tekken 4 and Tekken 2 for King, Xiaoyu and Jin as well as a Jukebox Mode where fans can listen to classic Tekken music tracks and even create playlists of Tekken music to listen to while they play.

Don’t forget Tekken 7 will be available June 2 for the Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC

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