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That Time Death of the Endless Talked About HIV and Condoms with John Constantine

Ah yes, remember the good old days when Vertigo was such a counter-culture thing and when the big boys and girls loved Neil Gaiman’s Sandman? DC and Vertigo had such a smashing success that they made it to the point where they even did PSAs featuring characters like Death of the Endless.

Pages taken from the DC/Vertigo short “Death talks About Life”. The book is written by Neil Gaiman with art by Dave McKean.

If you gotta swoon over an imaginary western fictional character, you gotta make Death of the Endless your waifu. Because, reasons.

Listen to the gal. You simply cannot detect who has HIV or AIDS just by looking at them. You also cannot get AIDS or HIV just by sharing food. The really hardcore way of getting it is with unprotected sex.

Why is this suddenly becoming a Sex Ed class?

Also, if you’re a teenager and you’re following the blog, always pack condoms OK? And also NO means NO.

This was where I lost it. It’s pretty obvious who John with the trenchcoat is but they drew him in a weird way. Maybe its to avoid really getting to explain why Constantine is helping Death do a PSA about safe sex.

In printed form, I gotta have this. Plus this is Team Sandman in their prime so yeah, its worth getting if you stumble into one.

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