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Marvel Future Fight Revisits Asgard

Marvel Future Fight has a fairly new update and it harkens back to fair Asgard with the addition of new skins for several characters as well as the debut of the All-Father, Odin in the Marvel Future Fight game itself.

Sif’s already part of this game but the new patch will give players the chance to have Sif wear her classic togs; like from the early Journey into Mystery days. We also welcome the Warriors Three in the mix; that’s Volstagg, Fandral and Hogun the Grim for the uninitiated.

As we mentioned earlier, we’re getting the comic book version of Odin here for this new Marvel Future Fight update. I’ll take a guess and say that when the MCU movie Thor: Ragnarok hits theaters next year, we’ll be seeing another update featuring another Anthony Hopkins version, a new Thor skin based on whatever the hell Chris Hemsworth will be sporting in the movie and ANOTHER Gladiator Hulk, based on Mark Ruffalo’s look in Thor 3.

We also have to comment that they did a bang-up job in actually adding in Thor Odinson in his current comicbook form aka the Unworthy Thor. It even looks like he’s carrying the unworthy hammer.

TBH, I’m getting back to the grind of this game. They had such a great system for the Doctor Strange patch and although I still abhor the other mechanics in the game, its a serviceable game as it is.

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