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Globe Launches Another Star Wars Themed Tear Jerky Commercial

It’s starting to become a traditional thing to watch a new Star Wars themed commercial from Globe that tugs on the heart strings. Last year it was the story of the family that was separated by distance yet connected by the love for Star Wars; this year, with the release of Rogue One, Globe Telecom has pushed the boundaries further.


Watch the tear-jerky ad from Globe below:

That totally took us by surprise. That moment when all her classmates welcome her in Stormtrooper helmets and then that reveal of the little girl’s condition underneath the Stormtrooper helmet; it just melt our heart.

It’s still about family too which is very heartwarming. Plus that look the “normies” gave the siblings is a look every geek knows all too well.

So kudos to Globe for this wonderful commercial. We expect another gut-wrenching commercial next year in line with Star Wars Episode 8.

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