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Secret Warriors Gets New Volume During ResurrXion with Quake and Ms. Marvel

The effects of IvX or Inhumans vs X-Men wont just be limited to two X-Men books, but a slew of other Inhumans titles including the return of Secret Warriors with Quake and Ms. Marvel Kamala Khan leading the charge.


The new Secret Warriors will feature a new team of popular, non Royal Family inhumans staying behind in Earth to deal with threats. This includes Daisy Johnson aka Quake, Kamala Khan aka Ms. Marvel, Karnak, Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur and Inferno.


Secret Warriors will be written by Matthew Rosenberg with art by Javier Garron.

Rosenberg has stated for the record that he was apprehensive getting the name “Secret Warriors” because he knows comparisons are going to arise from this volume and Jonathan Hickman’s seminal volume which also featured Daisy and the caterpillar team’s founder Nick Fury Sr. He even jokes about using another Marvel team name for the book, “All Winners Squad”.

Daisy is such a great character. When we first met her she was very young and sort of Nick Fury’s secret weapon. During the original “Secret Warriors” she really begins to have some agency and push back against being manipulated. And from there she went on to do bigger and bigger stuff, all while still being younger than most heroes. She is learning the ropes while she goes and all of these very important people have a tremendous amount of trust and respect for her.

Apparently she’s once again thrust into the role of leader for a team of powered invidivuals who don’t call themselves “Avengers” or “X-Men”.

During Rosenberg’s interview with CBR, they also touched on the inclusion of Ms. Marvel and Moon Girl. The writer says:

we are seeing Ms. Marvel and Moon Girl in a new situation for them. Both of them are big personalities and what is happening to them, what they have to do, they are going to do on their terms. Ms. Marvel and Quake are really fighting for the soul of the team in a lot of ways, while Moon Girl will continue to really do her own thing. They will all be tested and challenged, they are superheroes after all, but they are going to do things their way. So what you may see is some conflict and friction on the team, some inner turmoil as they struggle with how to get certain things done, but it will very much be the Ms. Marvel and Moon Girl fans love.

Rounding off the character beats are Inferno and Karnak. Rosenberg added in Inferno because the inhuman character wants what Ms. Marvel is having at the moment i.e. popularity and a shot with the big names in the Marvel Universe. Karnak’s role for this new iteration of Secret Warriors is a big secret though. So we’ll have to wait for when the book is out before we find out.

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