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The Last Guardian Gets its Last Trailer Before the Release

Scratch that, its actually called the The Last Guardian Official CG Cinematic Trailer; the game will be released sometime 2017 exclusively for the Playstation 4.


Watch the trailer below:

From Wikipedia:

The Last Guardian’s story is framed as a flashback narrative told by an older man recounting his experience as a young boy meeting a giant, feathered creature, resembling a griffin, named Trico (トリコ Toriko?).[5] The name of the creature can be taken to mean “prisoner” (虜 toriko?), “baby bird” (鳥の子 tori no ko?), or a portmanteau of “bird” (鳥 tori?) and “cat” (猫 neko?).[6]
In the flashback’s present, the boy has been kidnapped “under mysterious circumstances” and taken to a large expansive castle.[7] The boy wakes to find tattoos on his body he did not have before being kidnapped.[8] The boy finds a way to escape captivity, and encounters the creature Trico, chained up and with numerous spears and arrows sticking out from its body. The boy helps to remove the weapons, and though Trico is initially hostile to him, the creature slowly starts to accept the boy’s care and guidance.[9] Together the two work to escape, avoiding or attacking guards that patrol the castle seeking to recapture them.[10] Much of the game is set around the developing friendship between the boy and Trico.[11][12]
The encompassing narrative, which is spoken in a strange foreign language, runs over the game as the player completes various tasks, and may guide the player towards what must be completed if the player gets stuck.[8]
Ueda suggested there may be similar creatures like Trico in the game, but could not confirm this.[7] Some speculated, based on the tone of the various trailers and of Team Ico’s past games, that The Last Guardian will end sadly;[13][14] both Penny Arcade and Zero Punctuation postulated the ending of the game would involve the death of either the boy or Trico.[15][16] In response to these theories, creator Fumito Ueda addressed them by stating the story is “open-ended, and for you guys to figure out.”[9]

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