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Be Your Own Arrow or Katniss with the Opening of Arrowland by Gandiva in SM Megamall

Being a geek extends to all parts of one’s existence including sports such as archery (yes archery is a sport you fool); popculture is rich in archers and archery and you can bet that the opening of Arrowland by Gandiva will definitely fan the fuel for fans and sports geeks!


Arrowland by Gandiva is the newest and hippest archery range in Metro Manila. It’s a well lit place and situated right at the heart of the Metro too, that means, no matter where you are the place is accessible for you anytime (as long as its mall hours).


The actual brand “Arrowland” falls under the Gandiva Archery Range. Yeah, the same archery range in Ortigas where there’s a certain beautiful actress who frequents it. Arrowland was developed exclusively for the SM Malls with the idea of making archery FUN and accessible for all walks of life.


Judging from the line that formed outside during the opening day last November 12 they sure hit the bullseye (HA!)

But what does Arrowland by Gandiva offer that other archery ranges don’t aside from the fact that they will be situated in SM Malls? How bout the number of lanes? Or that the place is equipped with different bows for different users. Beginners who just rolls into the place can fire a set amount of arrows using what they refer to as “barebows”.


If you feel (or know) that you are a skilled archer on the way to becoming the Green Arrow or Katniss Everden IRL, then you also try out the more high end bows for rent. And the same goes with the other equipments which are also for rent during your archery session. It now is clear why DC Comics’ Green Arrow wear these types of protective gear…


Mandatory selfie at the opening of Arrowland by Gandiva, 5th Level Fashion Hall of SM Megamall

Mandatory selfie at the opening of Arrowland by Gandiva, 5th Level Fashion Hall of SM Megamall

Speaking of fashion and equipment, Arrowland by Gandiva is also a great place to do some shopping for archery equipment including bows and arrows and accessories like the armguard I was wearing. Gandiva is the current distributor of two great brands for archery products namely KROSSEN and FIVICS.

So you might be asking Mr. Fanboy, how much would I pay to become Hawkeye?


Well the good news is that its actually affordable.

price list arrowland

Arrowland by Gandiva price list as of November 2016

Seriously at Php 250 for 25 arrows, you’ll probably need an icepack for your arm the next day.


Two more things to write about. Since this is Gandiva, you’ll have to remember that they serve unique dishes and beverages. We managed to sample some of their stuff and its good. Its damn good to be honest!


Round two with Calamansi Juice

Round two with Calamansi Juice

Secondly, Arrowland by Gandiva will soon be introducing variations of the normal targets and will include a zombie and a heart-shaped target for those who still believe #walangforever

arrowland-by-gandiva-megamall-thefanboyseo-14 arrowland-by-gandiva-megamall-thefanboyseo-15

For more updates and inquires feel free to LIKE Arrowland’s Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/arrowlandph and follow them on Twitter and Instagram @Arrowlandph

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    Shooting packages already inclusive of bow rental or separate fee for the use of bow?

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