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Monster Hunter XX Brave Style Introduction Trailer Now Streaming

Capcom has released several Monster Hunter XX Brave Style Introduction trailer videos!


What is Brave Style

No we’re not going to do a Shinsuke Nakamura reference…. ok we’ll do one…


Monster Hunter’s Brave Style refers to continuous attacking to fill up a “Brave Gauge”. When it fills up, gamers can then activate it to perform special techniques or link attacks called “Brave State”. Do remember when you use the Brave Gauge, you need to constantly hit enemies to be able to fill in the gauge.


Brave Style Introduction: Basic Actions

Brave Style Introduction: Great Sword

Brave Style Introduction: One-Handed Sword

Brave Style Introduction: Long Sword

Brave Style Introduction: Dual Swords

Monster Hunter XX is due out for 3DS in Japan on March 18.

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