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Inferno Review – Interestingly Predictable

We are back again to give you folks our Inferno review courtesy of the folks at Columbia Pictures PH. Now showing.


The movie is based on the novel of the same title which was in turn based on the work of Dante Aligheri. Got all of that? Good.

The movie brings back Tom Hanks as Robert Langdon together with his new lady frenemy played by Rogue One star Felicity Jones. Also in the movie version are Irrfan Khan and Omar Sy.

Inferno - Tom Hanks

Inferno – Tom Hanks

The movie once again sets Langdon moving around various historical locales not to find Jesus Christ’s descendant or for god particles but rather a virus. A virus that will wipe out 3 billion people and make the rest of mankind suffer a hellish fate.

As stated in the title, if you’ve read the book or seen the past movies or read the book and seen the movies, you will know that author Dan Brown has a structure in place.



That is why we say the new movie is predictable. We know theres going to be betrayal, we know its going to lead to death and we know that Langdon will just watch or will be unable to help or change the outcome. Yet we still watch it and enjoy it. Because its good cinema. Not the best but enough once more to get your attention.

Tom Hanks worked extremely well here because he is Langdon. While he may not look like book Langdon, we should already move on from that. For Inferno, Hanks ups his acting a bit because his Langdon is a broken Langdon. Not a hundred percent to solve everything but good enough. Just good enough.

I have my bias for franchise films that try to shake things up. I saw Jack Reacher 2 and them giving Reacher a kid made for interesting story points. The same goes for Inferno. This isnt godmode Langdon. This is demigod Langdon.

But this point also killed the movie for me, because they could have played with that bit for awhile but instead they give him back his “powers” in the middle.

Inferno - Felicity Jones

Inferno – Felicity Jones

Jyn Erso err Felicity Jones is a beautiful woman and playing a doctor who may or may not be Langdon’s salvation. Her Sienna Brooks is determined and smart and very sexy with her accent. Too bad we dont have that much to go by. Without spoiling the film, she was definitely a great cast for Inferno.

Rounding up this Inferno review is a quick mention for the other stars for the film. Omar Sy was great in being not what he says he is.

You also got to admire Irrfan Khan. This man plays it cool and works it very well. Whether he’s explaining his master plan amidst disposing bodies to making himself the boss in his shadowy organization, you got to admire the actor.

Over all, we are ending this Inferno review stating that you have to expect the same old stuff from previous Langdon / Ron Howard movies while getting a different beat. Still it would cater to the usual crowd of moviegoers, its still a fun gateway to Aligheri lore.



Special thanks to Columbia Pictures Philippines.

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