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Yakuza 0 “The Business” Edition Announced

Sega has announced a new edition for their upcoming title Yakuza 0 called Yakuza 0 The Business Edition.


And we have to admit it really is classy as hell.

This special Playstation 4 version will come with a special stainless business card holder featurng Kiryu’s dragon tattoo and Majima’s Hanya tattoo.

To make it more real world-y, the Yakuza 0 “The Business” edition will also feature the two’s business cards featuring Tachibana Real Estate’s logo as well as the Cabaret Grand’s logo.

Gamers who pre-order and get their Luzenta invoice and manages to get a copy one the release date will also get a special “Hostess” card because, well, Yakuza.

Consumers who purchase the digital version of Yakuza 0 (not Yakuza 0 The Business Edition) will also get a bonus treat as the Playstation Network will also be giving out a Yakuza 0 static theme featuring a young Kiryu and Majima. It will look like this:


Yakuza 0 will be set in 1988 and will involve a plot involving murder and a potential crime solving element.

Yakuza 0 and Yakuza 0 The Business Edition will be available on January 24, 2017

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