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49: The Story of Me but not actually Me

Have you ever imagined what would happen if you shared your body with another soul? Will you still feel everything he/she feels or will you be dreaming on, waiting for your turn to control your body? That is probably one of the biggest questions this series that has made people pondering.


49 is the story of Kagami¬†Dan, a freshman high school student. Prefers being at home playing video games, a typical truant case. One day he decided to talk to his Dad, a well-known businessman and just happens to excel in everything he does. While having an argument walking home, they both were caught up in an accident, resulting in Dan being gravely injured and his father passing away. Before passing away though, his Dad entered his body, borrowing it for 49 days before passing on to the afterlife. So now Dan’s life turns a 180 degree turn as he now greets everyone “Good Morning!”, goes to school again with his friends Inoue Satoshi and Takami Sachi, making a slam dunk during P.E. class and joining the Basketball team, and most noticeably his confidence suddenly reached its peak, even as far as asking the school idol, Minazuki Mana, who eventually fell for him.



Overall, it is such a great story¬†on how life moves very quickly. One day you’re a delinquent, the other you’re suddenly an instant celebrity that accomplishes everything. It also shows how one can value family, friends, and loved ones while still being yourself. And to top it all off, the shenanigans the characters have been doing will make anyone who loves watching Japanese dramas such as these fall on the floor laughing hard.


Chicken Basket – The Cross-dressing Idol Group

I warmly dedicate this to my late Dad, who be put in the same situation, would also do it for me. Hope you can read this one Dad. Alas, we give this show another 100% Team Fanboy certified must watch! Check it out and feel the youth vibe! Cheerio!


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