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Internet Trolls PH Official Gazette Blunder with New Featured Villains

Last night, the Official Philippine Gazette got a lot of flak for doing a feature on the 99th birthday of former president Ferdinand Marcos together with some very scathing comments about their “revisionist” take on Martial Law and the history of the Philippines during the Marcos regime.

Below is a collection of some of the parody macros done by brilliant Pinoys featuring some of the best and worst villains of both TV and Movie.

Harry Potter’s Lord Voldemort



Even better is the fact that they actually took the time and write something sensible for the character. Sure the perspective is different but tell me you didn’t laugh at the way they presented Voldemort’s history.

Mula Sa Puso’s Selina Pereira-Matias


We lol’ed hard at “selfless and affectionate aunt”. Seriously though, no “kontrabida” had more gravitas in the mid to late 90s like Selina. Princess Punzalan did an amazing job portraying this lady. She also achieved “icon” status with the number of times her “Selina Laugh” made it to local pop culture.

Game of Thrones’ Ramsay Bolton/ Ramsay Snow


“Golden Age of the North” my a$$. Still Ramsay Bolton is one of the top villains in the hit HBO series. How he died and how he treated Sansa Stark is another matter entirely.

Train to Busan’s Yong-Suk


“Hey mister, can you help me get to Busan” Yong-Suk was the epitome of human selfishness and greed in the hit Korean zombie flick Train to Busan. He’s manipulative, a bully and when we get to the third act of the film, he’s pretty much done everything to survive.

We’re expecting a few more but from other talented individuals but it looks like the steam for this issue is just about ready to die down. Still good job when it comes to writing and making fun of, what really is, a big historical issue.

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