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411 on Kamen Rider Ex-Aid!!

So how is everybody’s post-APCC weekend experience? I hope you’re all ready as Team Fanboy gives you the lowdown on the new Masked Rider/ Kamen Rider premiering this October, Kamen Rider Ex-Aid!



When you read his handle, you would never realize this year’s gimmick: it’s all about Retro Videos Games! That’s right, a Video Game themed Kamen Rider. I know for a fact that everyone in this millennial generation have been, at one time, obsessed with any and all sorts of video games; from Family Computers, Brick Games, Game Boys, PSX, PS2, Xbox to Online gaming all of them have become a part of our lives even until now. So that being said, this new Masked Rider hits very close to home since we are all die-hard video game lovers.


Take a gander on his Kamen Rider Armor (Please keep an open mind, ok?)

I admit this is not your usual Kamen Rider Armor but it does keep in-line with his video game motif as you can see the gaming pad/chest armor and his “Game Driver” (pun inteded) which serves his main game console (pun intende again) to transform from an avid video gamer as well as a medical intern into a kick-ass armored superhero in Fuschia pantones (pun intended again).

Again I must mention this, the overall likeness of a Kamen Rider series is not solely placed on how the main Rider’s looks like but it lies on its storylines, production and acting. So we must keep our hopes up like we always do when a new show is just about to begin. Now to give you the things-you-need-to-know-about details…

In Ex-Aid’s story, Bugstars are video game viruses that infect humans in the real world. This mutates said humans into the freak-of-the-week Daikaijus. They are hell-bent on eradicating the humans and taking over the Earth for themselves. How they came to be and how they would make their goal into reality will be will be opposed by the meddling Kamen Riders!

Yes! R-I-D-E-R-S, as in plural. This series will boast a number of Kamen Rider because, it is a Multi-player show. I guess I don’t need to explain that. Fun fact: each Rider will have his own video gaming genre based appearance and powers!

Now comes Emu Hosho (Hiroki Iijima), our main hero!


(Killer shoes!)

Hiiro Kagami, the secondary Kamen Rider called Brave, a fighting game based hero.


(Gladiator sword wielding Kamen Rider!)

Now for the dirtiest player in the fight against the Bugstars, a tertiary Rider with First Person Shooter themed powers!


(The Emo is strong in this one)

It is also possible that another new Kamen Rider will debut since there is a number of Video game genres out there, I would like to see a Racing-based Kamen Rider (wait that has been done with a looooong time) or an RPG-based Kamen. Who know what will come up.

So as we close this update, the series looks promising even if the looks are not your usual Kamen Riders. I think the gamers inside of us all would smile knowing that two things that made our childhood unforgettable fused together and is ready to give all of us another fanboy & fangirl moment just like what the other Kamen Riders done before.

Be sure to catch Kamen Rider Ex-Aid’s premiere on October 2, 2016. For Team Fanboy, this is Salaryman <over&out>

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