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Entering the World of Pez!

Ever had those times that eating a candy is just plain to dull? That you wanted more “fun” in eating one? Fortunately enough, a candy brand innovated and started the worldwide trend and it’s name is Pez!


First produced in Austria, circa 1927 by its founder Eduard Haas III, you won’t believe how this candy line started. Pez is actually derived from the German word for Peppermint,”Pfefferminze”. Haas decided to sell peppermint candies in small containers then, thinking these candies would be a great alternative for smoking. After World War II, Haas ventured out to the United States for the Pez evolution and by 1955, they started out making these beautiful character-themed dispensers and the rest as they say is history.

Fast forward to present, last Thursday was a big day indeed as Pez PH celebrated their 9th year in the country! In partnership with Rovio, they also co-planned the Angry Birds Action android/ios app game, and included codes free with every purchase of the Angry Birds series Pez container.


Also, here are some of their widened collections of dispensers from years back and recent. Check them out!




And patching things up, we’d like to thank our friends from Pez PH and our long time buddies from Flipgeeks for inviting us in this memorable occasion for both toys and candy enthusiasts alike! Cheerio!

*Special thanks to Staple and Perk Bakery and Cafe for having us as a crowd

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