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REVIEW: Ghostbusters (2016)

The first of two reviews for the film Ghostbusters starring Kristin Wiig, Melissa McCarthy, Kate McKinnon, Leslie Jones and Chris Hemsworth. Directed by Paul Feig.


The film is a reboot of the 1984 classic film which had Harry Ramis, Dan Akroyd, Ernie Hudson and Bill Murray with a few key changes here and there.


– First off let me tell you how scary some of the ghosts are. I kinda freaked out with that ghost in the subway, the guy that came from the electric chair from the trailers, yeah that ghosty.

– Totally appreciated the weaponry in this film. It’s “fresh”. We have a Megaman-esque proton weapon, a buzzsaw chipper, a few grenades the ladies toss at their ghostly enemies and for McKinnon’s Holowitz, dual wield proton pistols that she keeps on the side of her proton pack. That was cool (regardless of the gender).

– I would agree that they took a lot from the original but at the same time the studio did succeed in giving it 21st century sensibilities. We’ve got concepts like Homeland Security involved here which also ends up giving the team their much needed funding.

Kate McKinnon as Julia Holtzmanwas great. She’s quirky and if you are looking for character, you’ve got it right here. She’s also crazy as hell and we love her scenes.

– Leslie Jones’ Patty is also something that I initially thought would suck only to be proven wrong. Hilarious and often the rational person in the group. Plus you gotta like the bit where she reels in a hearse to be the new Ecto-1 for the film. And she does get some of the funnier moments in her belt.

– While we like Chris Hemsworth addition as the team’s receptionist, we kinda hate it as well. More on that over at the cons side of things. Know that Hemsworth was a good choice here for beefcake (they just overdid it).

As a techie I enjoyed every moment wherein the team uses one Sony device after another especially that 4k Camera they used to make contact with that dead, evil looking girl.


The cameos here are a big thing for me. We’ve got Anne Potts as the Mercado receptionist, Dan Akroyd (Ray) as an NYC cabbie, Ernie Hudson (Winston) as Patty’s uncle who owned the Ecto-1 and of course Bill Murray as a ghost naysayer. Seeing them for even a brief period of time definitely brought tears to my eyes. Watch out for Sigourney Weaver here too.

Speaking of easter eggs, that moment when we see the classic Ghostbusters base, the one they converted from an old firehouse a movie would be a fun moment if you are a GB fan. And it does not just make a cameo here. You gotta watch the movie to see what I mean.

The film definitely parallels with the original film while at the same time trying to be edgy and modern AND do it as safely as possible. Can’t blame them though as they are handling nostalgia. Some examples include the film’s villain asking the team what form he would like to take and then going bananas using said form. Another is the baddie taking over one of the girl’s love interest, similar to how Zuul took  Sigourney Weaver’s character as host while dating Murray’s Peter Venkman…


There’s also an end credit scene here dear readers OK?



Who the hell put Fall Out Boy and Missy Elliot in the same track? And on the classic Ghostbusters track no less? Heresy. I swear that somewhat ruined the experience for me. It was horrible and it was forced and we had to listen to that.

Kevin (Chris Hemsworth) being the “dumb blonde” quickly went from “hahaha” to just “nope”. He was also effing dancing. My wife was also telling me that it really felt like the production needed to have Hemsworth in the film just for the sake of establishing things and to assure viewers of his participation later on in the film.

Its petty but we hardly hear the classic wail for the Ecto-1. Sad really. But they do mention the alarm but you just don’t hear it.

Melissa McCarthy tried to be funny but more often than not she gets the really lame jokes and lines. But she’s still OK in our opinion. We just had to place her on the “con” side solely on her delivery of jokes and some lines.

They had great cast and relegated them to a few lines; such a waste. I mean they had Charles Dance and Andy Garcia and only one of them had more than five lines. Such a waste I tell you.

I really hate the new makeover they did with Slimer; the 1984 version was so much more…. adorable than this new version. The dude’s creepier than “Annoying Orange” and he has a wife now to boot; equally disturbing too.

I both hate and love the film’s final boss. Nuff said.



Maybe I’m blind, maybe I’m dense but I really don’t see anything wrong with Ghostbusters. I saw Ghostbusters (1984) before completing this review and I must say its not up there with Ivan Reitman’s work but it certainly is worthy enough to be called Ghostbusters. Its amusing, scary enough and enjoyable enough as a popcorn muncher. Also view the movie without any bias and any of your SJW schticks and you’ll see that its not a feminist POV on action movies. It’s just a harmless remake everybody.

I share the same sentiments of my friend, I liked GB. Would I buy a blu-ray copy to add to my collection? Certainly not. But if its on HBO, will I watch it for two or three more times? Certainly, I would even get a beer and popcorn and plop myself in front of the TV.

SCORE: 8/10

Special thanks to Ayala Malls Cinemas and Columbia Pictures!


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