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More Death of X Covers featuring Psylocke and Storm

A couple of new covers for Marvel’s Death of X X-over has surfaced featuring popular characters like Storm and Psylocke.


So if you’re not aware, these covers “celebrate” the death of notable X-Men in different Marvel Comic books.

Death of X Variant Covers in this batch include:

Astonishing Ant-Man 10 (Psylocke)


Uncanny X-Men 10 (Xorn)


Spider-Man 6 (Sabretooth)


Black Panther 4 (Storm/Calisto)


For this batch, we are totally enamored with Storm dying at the hands of Calisto of the Morlocks. This has a really long history and hopefully we get to see Calisto in some form or another.

I loved Sabretooth’s head hanging on Kraven the Hunter’s wall. Something that is satisfying to see to be honest.

Why they added Xorn however is a big mystery. Still seeing him dying was and is a blast.

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