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Spark Global Tech – Innovative and Pioneering Media Enhancement Technology Now in the Philippines

Ortigas, Pasig City – Innovative media enhancement technology “Augmented Reality” or simply “AR”, which integrates digital information into a real environment in real time is now available in the Philippines.

Spark global tech

This was announced by the executive of Spark Global Tech Systems, Inc., the exclusive partner of AR-based technology in the Philippines that’s under license from Toppan, a 115-year old company, which also happens to be one of the largest global printing companies in Japan.

Spark global tech

Augmented Reality is a technology used to superimpose virtual images onto photos taken by a smartphone in real time. Compared to an earlier technology called “virtual reality”, which is more of creating an artificial environment, AR utilizes an existing environment and “superimposes” new information on top of it.

Spark global tech

Spark global tech

This technology is a big global hit since it was introduced a few years ago. Businesses have also found ways to included AR technology for added value particularly in media platforms. This addition provides a realistic spectacle and true-to-life sensory experience. The technology when used for businesses is also highly personalized. It can follow specifications and even be adjusted to fit the message from time-to-time.  The technology can also be trendy and unique in order to catch more attention than the competition. Finally the AR technology offered by Spark Global Tech promises interactivity and accessibility for smartphone users using iOS and Android.

Spark global tech

Whatever content a business needs, the company can deliver including sounds or tracking movies. Clients can even create their own 3D CG or outbound links to a different site.

Some of the more common uses for AR technology includes advertisements and media. It has always been asked as a form of digital incentive which can be accessed through a smart device, interactive print campaigns, food packaging, promotional videos, 3D animation, 3D flyers, guide books with video documentaries, or even trade show presentation tools.

Spark global tech

“Given the robustness of the media industry here in the Philippines, we are quire excited in bringing AR technology to the country. We know that it will be an exciting proposition to big companies here who want to úp the ante’ when it comes to creativity in digital advertising platforms and bringing in a whole new experience for consumers. We’re beyond delighted that AR is here now for progressive companies and businesses to utilize and our team is looking forward to collaborating with them” explains Rowi Bautista, Spark’s Managing Director.

Spark Global Tech Systems, Inc. also offers powerful business solutions through a wide range of technologies such as systems for HR Information, Payroll, Accounting, Sales and Inventory, Access Control and Security, smart cards, research and development and even banking solutions. With them, ‘Converging Technologies’ of companies in order to go beyond boundaries is now made possible.

Spark Global Tech Systems is headquartered at 1805A East Tower, Philippine Stock Exchange Center, Exchange Road, Ortigas Center, Pasig City. For more info contact them at (+ 632) 5328579 or email them at info@sparkglobaltech.com or visit www.sparkglobaltech.com.

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