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8 Times Grant Gustin Made Your Heart Flutter in The Flash

If you can’t get enough of Grant Gustin, we totally understand. With a face like that, how can anyone possibly resist! So if you are looking out for more Grant in your life, as the forensic scientist-slash-superhero we all want to know and love, tune in to the second season of The Flash, every Sundays only on Warner TV.

1. A world-weary superhero, The Flash is not. He flashes (see what I did there?) his perfect, and brightest smile and the whole world just can’t help but notice him. Just look at the guy!

Grant Gustin as The Flash (1)

2. A forensic scientist through and through, Grant creates the perfect chemistry with his love interests (yes, that’s plural). Now that’s what we call a chemical reaction!

Grant Gustin as The Flash (2)

3. And who can blame him? The Speed Force looks so good on him, he looks almost too dashing (yes, I went there again).

Grant Gustin as The Flash (3)

4. This intense, full-on-superhero focused face he puts on just before he morphs into The Flash is just as heart-fluttering we can never get enough.

Grant Gustin as The Flash (4)

5. Who can say no to any superhero who saves the world? Certainly not one who saves the citizens of Central City from super-powered villains and multiverses. (The guy can’t catch a break can he?).

Grant Gustin as The Flash (5)

6. Lest we forget, did you know that Grant sings well? In one episode of The Flash, he even gave Barry Allen the great gift of song with his heart-melting and magical prince-like voice. (Encore please!)

Grant Gustin as The Flash (6)

7. But just because he’s The Flash, it doesn’t mean he’s immune to dating blunders like, oh you know, the classic – setting the bouquet of flowers on fire.

Grant Gustin as The Flash (7)

8. But yeah. Let’s face it. No matter what Grant does, he is perfect the way he is. Like this super adorable ‘smile, look away and turn’ move right here (10/10, could watch this again and again).

Grant Gustin as The Flash (8)

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