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And the Dead Character in Arrow is… (Spoiler)

Bleedingcool posted a spoiler on the identity of the Arrow character who dies and whose death plagues Green Arrow aka Oliver Queen since this season started.

Arrow 401 ending funeral death

Obviously spoilers after the jump.

So according to the rumor site (and I cannot confirm this because I haven’t seen the episode) it’s really Black Canary who dies at the end of this season.

katie cassidy black canary

According to BC, it’s going to be Laurel Lance (played by Katie Cassidy) that will bite the bullet and unlike her TV sister Caity Lotz aka White Canary, there won’t be a Lazarus Pit to bring her back. Dead is dead for the actress and her role, which I kind of not want to see because, Ollie and Dinah forever.


Sources indicate that the reason for the “death” of Laurel Lance in the story was partly due Cassidy’s conflict with Arrow star Stephen Amell. But just like in the comic books, another woman stands up and takes on the mantle of the Black Canary shortly after the death of Laurel.

We still don’t know who she is but in the coming months we’ll be getting more details and I predict a first look at the new Black Canary actress.

Stick around, this could be an interesting development for Team Arrow.

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