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MNL48 – Manila Pop Idols Coming Soon in the Vein of AKB48

Remember that time last year when a squad from the famous AKB48 visited? Well it looks like it had a good reason to because word on the street is that the Philippines will be getting its own Japan sanctioned idol group called MNL48.


Manila is part of a triumvirate of countries getting their own J-pop inspired idols. Yeah, not exclusive but definitely interesting.


Other countries include Taiwan and Thailand.

Here’s what was announced on the official AKB48 website.


New sister groups in Taiwan, the Philippines, and Thailand!
Having met its 10th anniversary in December 2015, the AKB48 Group has announced the birth of 3 sister groups abroad.

What kind of stories will unfold in the 3 countries with different languages and cultures…

Details will be announced soon!


Group name: Comes from Taiwan’s capital city, Taipei

Logo color: The gradation color of Taiwan’s representative fruit “mango”, showing how the mango changes color as it ripens, represents the charming growth of each member.


Group name: Comes from Philippines’ capital city, Manila



Logo color: The blue color taken from the flag of the Philippines is used as a motif


Group name: Comes from Thailand’s capital city, Bangkok

Logo color: The orchid color, taken from the orchid flower popular in Thailand, is used as a motif.

One thing that I’m quite curious though is whether the girls should adhere to the strict rules the group has such as their infamous no-dating policy. Are repeat offenders for MNL48 also required to shave their heads? Nah, just pulling you’re legs.

This is prolly good because they have all the good stuff and none of the bad.

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