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(Mid)Winter is Coming! Margo Midwinter is FHM Philippines Covergirl for March

I’m surprised FHM Philippines didn’t use that Game of Thrones quote for their March 2016 covergirl, Margo Midwinter.


I vaguely remember Margo from one of the many PBB (Pinoy Big Brother) seasons. She may or may not have stood out in the long line of pretty girls but now she’s on FHM.

Check out more of her photos after the jump.

margo midwinter (1)

margo midwinter (3)

margo midwinter (2)

Also something worth nothing is the current hard-on FHM has for black & white covers. They did this for their new book featuring Marian Rivera and now their doing it again for their actual cover. Plus I’m calling it now. They’ll try to lessen nipples, boobs and butts and instead give more insightful and intelligent articles.

Good luck with that.

Back to Margo Midwinter, I did some quick google-fu and found out that she was Carlos Agassi’s ex-girlfriend and she also belonged to the last PBB season, PBB 737.

Some of her photos from her Twitter account:

margo midwinter (4)

margo midwinter (5)

She’s cute. In some angles she reminds me of Alicia Vikander and in other angles she reminds of me Leighton Meester.

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