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Gambit Movie Pulled from Initial Release Date while Channing Tatum Debuts his Gambit Look

Let’s talk about Gambit today including Channing Tatum’s new look in preparation for the film and the sad news about the pull out from the original release date.

channing tatum gambit

Deets after the cut.

OK for starters let me talk about the recently announced withdrawal from the original release date. When the Gambit movie was first announced it had a release date of October 2016. But that was before the director dropped and suddenly everybody panicked. This was also before Deadpool… So anyway, a revamped list was released recently and there were some changes namely Gambit disappeared from the 2016 schedule.

gambit movie rescheduled

It’s pretty obvious that the untitled FOX/MARVEL FILM set for October 6, 2017 is Gambit due to production delays and the other film for January 12, 2018 film could either be the green-lit Deadpool 2 or that rumored X-Force film which will introduce Cable and his merry mutants.

It also hasn’t been confirmed but director Doug Liman (Edge of Tomorrow) has been tapped to takeover director duties for the movie.


Meanwhile, here’s what Channing Tatum looks like nowadays…


A lot of folks seem pretty confused what’s up with his look but fans can spot the Gambit look from a mile away. Now all he needs is the X-Man’s trademark collapsible bo staff and trench coat.

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