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Starfire DLC Trailer for Injustice 2

Starfire officially joins the roster of DC characters appearing in Netherrealms Studios’ Injustice 2! Here’s what the official Injustice 2 YouTube channel had to say about fiery alien heroine. As the next Queen of...


Sub Zero Joins Injustice 2

Injustice 2 Sub Zero is set to appear in the game Injustice 2 Play the Mortal Kombat regular as a DLC fighter New costume Today we look at Injustice 2 Sub Zero and play...


IGN Previews Injustice 2 Black Canary

IGN is in the frontlines again for hyping the game Injustice 2, this time we’re getting our first look at the Injustice 2 Black Canary. Watch the trailer below: We’re very pleased with the...