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Marvel Releases New Doctor Strange Motion Posters

Marvel is upping the hype machine with their freshly minted Doctor Strange motion posters featuring Stephen Strange’s friends, enemy and frenemy. You can check these Doctor Strange motion posters below: Baron Mordo Might I...


New Doctor Strange Poster Goes Topsy Turvy

Marvel and Walt Disney Studios has released a new Doctor Strange poster for the upcoming Scott Derrickson film featuring the different locales the film will be set in plus the movie’s star, Benedict Cumberbatch...


SDCC 2016 – Everything Doctor Strange

It’s time to recap on SDCC 2016 particularly on a certain doctor in the Marvel Cinematic Universe who also happens to be the Sorceror Supreme aka Doctor Strange. During the Marvel Panel in Comic...


Marvel’s Doctor Strange Unveils First Trailer

Now let’s talk about the freshly released trailer for Marvel’s Doctor Strange starring Benedict Cumberbatch. Earlier today, we got a teaser poster with Cumberbatch’s Stephen Strange’s back looking at the Sanctum Sanctorum’s windowpane. Now...