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SPYxANYA: Operation Memories is available now on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch!

Bandai Namco Entertainment Asia is pleased to announce today the release of SPY×ANYA: Operation Memories on PlayStation®5, PlayStation®4 and Nintendo Switch™. The Steam® version of the game will be released the next day, 28 June 2024.

Standard Edition

The Base Game is available as both a package and a digital download version. However, the PlayStation®4 version is only available as a digital download.

Physical Version Early Purchase Bonus and Digital Version Pre-Order Bonus

This version contains a special code, which allows an early unlock of:

  • The “Agent Set” costume for Loid, Anya and Bond
  • Anya Hat “Halo”
  • Anya Hat “Devil Horns”

*The images are for illustrative purposes only.
*Contents are subject to change without notice.
*All items are in-game items. They are not physical items.
*Some stores may not carry this product. Please inquire at the store for details.
*A sticker is attached to the surface of the shrink (outer film) package for products that include the physical version bonus. Please note that this service will end as soon as they run out of stock.
*The pre-order bonus content will be included in the Digital version if pre-orders were made before the deadline.
*To use this content, the game console must be connected to the Internet. Access to PlayStation™Network for PlayStation®5/PlayStation®4 and Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch™ is also required.
*The code can be used only once and has an expiration date.
*This bonus offers early access for some costumes, which can also be obtained by advancing through the game.
*Dress-up costumes will not be reflected in some situations such as during mini-games.
*The Pre-order Bonus for Digital Version is only included if the full game is downloaded via PlayStation™Network by 23:59 on 24 July 2024. 

Digital Deluxe Edition


  • Base game
  • Deluxe Outing Pack
    • Additional DLC 1: Thrilling Outfit Pack
    • Additional DLC 2: Excited Outfit Pack
  • Digital Deluxe edition bonus:
    • Anya Hat “Director Chimera Hat”
    • Anya Costume “Bond Set”

*Content and specifications are subject to change without prior notice.
*All items specified are in-game items. They are not physical items.
*Bonus content may be released as DLC at a later date.
*A game console and an internet connection are required to use this content. Access to Nintendo eShop (for the Nintendo Switch™ version) or to PlayStation™Network (for the PlayStation®5 and PlayStation®4 versions) is also required.
*This is the Digital Deluxe Edition. The Standard Edition is also available for purchase. Please take care to avoid purchasing the same items multiple times.
*Some items are also available for individual purchase. *In some in-game situations such as mini-games, costume changes will not be reflected. 

Launch Trailer Unveiled!

The launch trailer for the title showcases the basic flow of the game, outlining how Anya spends her days. She has been tasked with compiling a photo diary for school.

The video shows Anya looking after Bond in the Forger home and having fun with her friends Becky and Damian at Eden College. Check the trailer out below!

A Slice of Daily Life of a Temporary Family

Anya has been tasked with compiling a photo diary by her teacher at Eden College. The game follows her daily life, from attending school on weekdays to enjoying family outings to various locations like the seaside and the aquarium on her days off. Featuring over 80 different items of clothing, accessories, and hairstyles, players can dress the characters in any way they like before heading out.

The game also features over 15 mini-games, with a uniquely quirky “SPY×FAMILY” touch. Can Anya use her telepathic abilities to read her opponent’s cards?

Play, study, and spend some priceless time with all your favorite characters from the series.

Will Anya be able to complete her photo diary?

For more information about SPY×ANYA: Operation Memories or other Bandai Namco Entertainment Asia products, please visit our  website  or follow us on FacebookInstagramXTikTokLINE and YouTube.

Title Information    
Title name: SPY×ANYA: Operation Memories
Platforms: PlayStation®4, PlayStation®5, Nintendo Switch™, and PC via Steam®
*PlayStation®4 version digital download only
Release Date: Nintendo Switch™; PlayStation®4 and PlayStation®5 – 27 June 2024; PC via Steam® – 28 June 2024
Genre:  Adventure
No. of Players: 1
*Some of the mini games allow for 2 players in offline mode 
Copyright: © TE/S, SFP ©Bandai Namco Entertainment Inc.

About Bandai Namco Entertainment Asia Pte Ltd.
Bandai Namco Entertainment Asia Pte Ltd. part of Bandai Namco Holdings Inc., is a leading global publisher and distributor of interactive content. The company is known for creating and publishing many of the industry’s top video game franchises, including PAC-MAN™, GUNDAM™, DARK SOULS™, along with the recently released ELDEN RING™.

More information about the company and its products can be found at http://www.bandainamcoent.asia.

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